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Product Features

  • Cost Allocation

    Flexible, customizable cost breakdown and resource allocation for accurate showbacks, chargebacks, and ongoing monitoring

    Kubecost allows you to see allocated spend across all native Kubernetes concepts, so you can provide your teams with transparent, accurate cost data reconciled with your actual cloud bill.

    • Break down costs by namespace, deployment, service, and more across any major cloud provider or on-prem Kubernetes environment.
    • Allocate costs to organizational concepts like team, individual application, product/project, department, or environment for showback or chargeback.
    • View costs across multiple clusters—even in multi-cloud environments—in a single view or via a single API endpoint.
  • Unified cost monitoring

    See all of your Kubernetes and out-of-cluster spend in one place, with full cloud service billing integration

    Join in-cluster costs like CPU and memory with out-of-cluster spend from cloud infrastructure services for complete cost visibility—all services from AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure are supported.

    • View unified spend by joining real-time costs from your Kubernetes cluster (CPU, memory, storage, network, etc.) with outside costs, e.g. tagged RDS instances, BigQuery warehouses, or S3 buckets.
    • Associate the cost of dedicated cloud provider services back to components in the cluster (like a namespace or deployment).
    • Distribute shared in-cluster and out-of-cluster costs across your organization for a complete and accurate infrastructure spend picture.
  • Optimization Insights

    Get customized recommendations based on your own environment and behavior patterns

    Kubecost automatically generates insights you can use to save 30-50% or more on your infrastructure spend, without exposing your private information—your data never gets shared externally, even with us.

    • Get context-aware, cluster-level insights designed to help you manage the tradeoff between cost and performance, while factoring in your workloads and service requirements.
    • Avoid over- or under-provisioning with reports that let you drill down to the node and pod level, and optimize your persistent volumes.
    • View recommendations via UI or APIs, plus the optional ability to dynamically apply insights for immediate results.
  • Alerts & Governance

    Achieve peak application performance and improve reliability with customizable alerts, configurable Availability Tiers, and real-time updates.

    With real-time alerting functionality and recurring reports, Kubecost empowers teams to take control of their Kubernetes-enabled infrastructure, stay within budgeted limits, and address monitoring interruptions immediately.

    • Set budgets for configurable aggregation levels, e.g. team, application, etc.
    • Get real-time alerts (via Slack or email) for budget overruns, anomalous spend patterns, and below-efficiency Kubernetes tenants.
    • Create and automate recurring cost reports to track trends and efficiency across all or a set of namespaces, with costs broken down by namespace.
  • Purpose-built for teams running Kubernetes

    Running containers on Kubernetes requires a new approach for visualizing and optimizing spend. Kubecost is designed from the ground up for Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem.

  • Own & control all of your own data

    Kubecost is fully deployed in your infrastructure—we don’t require you to egress any data to a remote service. It’s deeply important to us that users are able to retain and control access to their own private information, e.g. sensitive cloud spend data.

  • Built on open source

    Kubecost began as an open source project with a goal of giving small engineering teams access to great cost visibility. As a result, our solution is tightly integrated with the open source cloud native ecosystem, e.g. Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana.

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