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You can’t afford unnecessary Kubernetes resource waste.

Take control of your Kubernetes cloud costs with Kubecost Cloud. Our new multi-tenant SaaS solution which runs the Kubecost agent locally on your Kubernetes clusters, and supports unlimited clusters across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem.

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How do you optimize what you can’t see? Get the visibility you need.

Most companies are surprised when they receive their cloud bill at the end of each month. The cloud bill shows an aggregate without explaining which workloads, teams, etc. are using which resources, how much resources they are using, and when. Eliminate cost surprises and gain visibility into your Kubernetes cost monitoring, while maintaining top-notch performance.
  • Untangle your cloud bill once and for all

    Finally understand what teams, products, or services contributed to your cloud bill. Kubecost Cloud reconciles costs against your cloud bill to ensure it’s 100% accurate so you can showback or chargeback with confidence.
  • See your costs in real time

    Kubecost Cloud delivers granular insights into your spend, breaking down costs by Kubernetes concepts such as deployment, service, and container. Monitor resource usage across clusters, cloud providers, and on-prem environments with a unified view.
  • Learn where you can optimize…and take immediate action

    Receive dynamic savings recommendations for optimization and savings, without compromising performance. Tailored insights help you right-size your resources and enhance efficiency while meeting application requirements.
  • Never run over budget or into unexpected surprises

    Stay ahead of cost overruns and potential outages with real-time notifications. Kubecost Cloud integrates with tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, preserving your workflows and enabling prompt actions from engineering teams.

Gain real-time cost visibility, optimize spend, and make informed decisions with ease.

  • Diagram showing cost allocation examples.

    Cost Allocation

    Kubecost Cloud offers customizable cost breakdowns by namespace, deployment, container, and more across major cloud providers and on-prem Kubernetes. Easily view allocation calculation by teams, applications, projects, and more for transparent showbacks or chargebacks.

  • Diagram showing unified cost examples.

    Unified Cost Monitoring

    Integrate in-cluster Kubernetes costs with major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure. Visualize spend across metrics, logs, and traces to pinpoint inefficiencies and correlations.

  • Diagram showing optimization examples.

    Cost Optimization Insights

    Leverage context-aware recommendations to cut cloud spend by up to 50% or more. Optimize based on workload patterns while maintaining privacy—your data remains secure within your cloud infrastructure.

  • Diagram showing alert examples.

    Alerts & Governance:

    Coming Soon
    Proactively manage budget limits and minimize downtime risks with customizable alerts and reports. Kubecost Cloud ensures uninterrupted application performance and cloud cost control.

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