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  • Free

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    For individuals, small teams, or those that just need a quick snapshot of their current cloud spend and individual cluster usage in a self-hosted infrastructure.
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    • Features:
    • Unlimited clusters
    • 15-day metric retention
    • Unlimited Users
    • EKS, AKS, GKE, on-prem, and more
    • Cost allocation
    • Cost reconciliation for price accuracy
    • Cost savings insights & actions
    • Community support
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  • Enterprise


    For larger teams with more complex environments who need Enterprise level features in a self-hosted environment such as real-time insights, cost optimization recommendations, chargeback and showback, SSO, user management, and more.
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    • Everything in Free, plus:
    • Multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud support
    • Unlimited metric retention
    • Unlimited users
    • Custom pricing sheets
    • Event auditing
    • RBAC
    • Enterprise integrations
    • Dedicated support + pro services
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FAQ Self Hosted

  • We support Kubernetes running on AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, GCP/GKE and on-prem. We provide best-efforts support for other cloud platforms.

  • Yes, your data is highly secure with us. We prioritize your privacy and security. Here's how we ensure it:

    • Your data stays within your infrastructure; we don't send it elsewhere.
    • We use read-only Kubernetes privileges by default.
    • All customer data is encrypted using the AES-256 cipher when at rest.
    • Data in transit is protected with TLS 1.2 encryption.
    • We respect your consent: You have the option to opt-in to sharing product consumption usage data with our externally managed services, like Mixpanel.

    For more details, you can read about our Security and Data Protection here.

  • For most users, an installation takes around 2 minutes.

  • We have an open-core model. While Kubecost is a commercial product, we have an alternative open source cost allocation tool called OpenCost. Read more about OpenCost here.

FAQ Cloud

  • We officially support Kubernetes running on AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, GCP/GKE and on-prem. We provide best-efforts support for other cloud platforms.

  • Absolutely, your data's security is our top priority. Here's how we ensure it:

    • We're committed to maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data.
    • All customer data is encrypted using the robust AES-256 cipher while at rest.
    • Data in transit is safeguarded with TLS 1.2 encryption.
    • We empower you to own and control your data, especially sensitive cost and product usage metrics.
    • Please note that our SaaS software relies on collecting and sharing Kubernetes data, including product consumption usage, with our externally managed services like Mixpanel.

    Rest assured, we take every measure to keep your data safe. Read more about our Security and Data Protection here.

  • Getting started with Kubecost Cloud can take as little as 5 minutes. Learn more about how to get started here.

  • Kubecost Cloud is available in three plans depending on your needs, starting with our Free plan. Our paid plans start at $8 per node.

  • No, you will not be charged during your 30-day free trial. Once your trial ends, you will be rolled over to our Free plan. If you want to continue enjoying the benefits or our paid plans, you will need to purchase a subscription once your trial is complete.

  • Kubecost self-hosted is fully deployed in your infrastructure and connects your billing data from all major cloud service providers for more in-depth metrics. Kubecost Cloud is our fully managed, multi-tenant SaaS solution which only runs the Kubecost Agent locally on your cluster. We handle everything else. At its core, Kubecost Cloud provides the same great features for overseeing your Kubernetes spending and helping you to reduce waste as our self-hosted Kubecost.

    Kubecost Cloud allows you to get started quickly and easily by connecting your clusters and adding your team in just minutes, allowing you to immediately begin seeing value. Kubecost Cloud also eliminates on-going time commitments from your engineering team, as we take care of all end-to-end maintenance including updates and server security.

  • Yes, currently you can purchase Kubecost Cloud through the AWS and GCP marketplaces.

  • You do not need a credit card to start your free trial. During the 30-day free trial you will get to enjoy the full benefits of Kubecost Cloud Enterprise. When your 30-day free trial is over, you will automatically be moved to the Free plan of Kubecost Cloud. If you’d like to continue using the full features and benefits of our Kubecost Cloud offerings you will need to purchase a paid plan.

  • Kubecost Cloud can help teams oversee cloud spend like our existing product, but there are more reasons this hosted version can be advantageous:

    • Simplicity: Kubecost will handle your upgrades, scaling, and maintenance.
    • Cost effective: Kubecost Cloud will empower users to think big, start small, and scale quickly. Save on team time when you don’t host on-prem.
    • Security: We take responsibility for ensuring information on our servers is secure and private.

    Still not sure? Talk to us.

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