Partner Program

Kubecost partners with teams like yours to bring Kubernetes cost management to every user, globally.

  • Managed Service Providers

    Offer Managed K8’s Solutions? Looking to expand your cost monitoring solution to include Kubernetes? Kubecost is happy to partner with you to build a deep integration that extends our full product suite to your end users, regardless of where their clusters sit.

  • Referrals & resellers

    Finding opportunities where Kubecost could benefit your end users? Looking to unlock additional revenue streams by adding cost monitoring to your portfolio? Fill out the form below and let's connect on how we can help reach our individual business goals, together.

  • Technology Alliances

    Have a cool tool that would integrate well with Kubecost? Building the future and want to align with our products to help benefit your end technical goal? Lets connect to see how we can align our technologies to be major disruptors in our ecosystem!

Interested in partnering with Kubecost? We'd love to hear from you!

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