Reduce Kubernetes cost with Kubecost. Kubecost cloud is a cloud solution that allows you to monitor and reduce K8 costs on the fly.

Kubecost Cloud is now in limited availability

Since launching the Kubecost open source project in 2019, many teams have asked us about the possibility of a hosted version of Kubecost. To accommodate users who want a more fully managed approach to Kubernetes cost management, we are proud to announce that Kubecost Cloud is in limited availability starting today! For teams moving their software stacks to SaaS to reduce operational burden and ease ongoing maintenance, they’ll be able to take advantage of the same benefits with Kubecost.

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Kubecost Cloud provides all the great features of the deployed version, but with little to no maintenance costs and reduced overhead. We will host, and maintain your data, while always making sure your Kubecost version is up to date. Additionally, Kubecost Cloud users will enjoy a streamlined implementation journey, meaning shorter time-to-rollout and shorter time-to-value, as well as simpler support processes.

Kubecost Cloud

More than 5,000 teams now use deployed Kubecost to monitor and manage their Kubernetes spend. Across these deployments Kubecost manages billions in cloud spending and has saved an estimated $100+ million dollars for teams including Adobe, Under Armour, and Broadcom.

We’ll continue to invest heavily in new features for our self-managed product as well as the underlying OpenCost project. We started with self-deployed open source Kubecost so that users could install in minutes and get real-time visibility while owning and controlling all your own data. We understand the need for self-hosting will always exist for many users, and are pleased we now offer our Cloud solution to others who don’t wish to worry about application upgrades and other maintenance.

We’ll be onboarding a growing number of users starting this month. If Kubecost Cloud matches your needs, enter your email below to request access!

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