Agencies have adopted kubernetes to accelerate application development. Your applications must have cost visibility and be cost efficient.

Cost Management & Optimization for the Government’s Modern Development Framework

The adoption of DevOps in the Federal Government has replaced the old-fashioned waterfall methodology of delivering software. This has allowed agencies to deliver faster, more customer-centric code touching everything from taxes to warfighters. With this more rapid and modern approach to software development, new challenges have arisen that system owners, program managers, and governance boards must be aware of.

Multi Tenant Paas

Government agencies are modernizing IT at an unprecedented rate, and most technology leaders see Kubernetes as a required foundation of an effective and long-term strategy.

Cost Visibility

Enforcing efficient consumption requires a shared sense of accountability across stakeholders.

Cost Management

Financial responsibility and data-driven decisions lead to a culture of understanding and accountability.

Cost Optimization

Increasing efficiency and cost at scale with better resource utilization.


Foundation to build a proactive and automated governance model.

Feature overview


No Egress required.

Multiple Government Clouds

You own your data

Unified Cost Monitoring

Track Task Orders

Alerts & Governance

Empower your teams

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