AWS and Kubecost collaborate to launch EKS cost monitoring

  • Real-Time Cost Visibility
  • View EKS cluster costs by any K8s concept
  • Quickly Catch Cost Overruns & Waste
  • Dynamic Optimization Insights

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  • Diagram showing cost allocation examples.

    Fine-Grained Cost Visibility

    EKS customers receive an AWS optimized bundle of Kubecost for single cluster visibility. This bundle enables users to view costs broken down by Kubernetes resources including pods, nodes, namespaces, and labels.

    Kubernetes platform teams and finance leaders use Kubecost to visualize their Amazon EKS charges, allocate costs, and chargeback organizational units such as application teams. Customers can provide their internal teams and business units with transparent and accurate cost data based on their actual AWS bill.

  • Diagram showing unified cost examples.

    Customized Efficiency Recommendations

    Get customized recommendations for cost optimization based on their infrastructure environment and usage patterns within a single cluster. Customers can view monthly Amazon EKS cluster costs as well as cumulative costs per namespace and other dimensions over a given time period. Learn which parts of your application are contributing to your Amazon EKS cluster spend.

  • Diagram showing optimization examples.

    Unified Cost Monitoring

    Customers can view the costs of AWS infrastructure assets that are associated with their Amazon EKS cluster resources. These costs can be shared or attributed to any Kubernetes concept.