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Making it easier to operate cloud native infrastructure at scale

Kubecost started in early 2019 as an open-source tool to give developers visibility into Kubernetes spend. We maintain a deep commitment to building and supporting dedicated solutions for the open source community.

Today, we empower more than one thousand teams across companies of all sizes to monitor and reduce costs, while balancing cost, performance, and reliability.

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About our team and company

Our founders, ex-Googlers working on infrastructure monitoring, saw firsthand the challenges teams faced as they adopted containers and Kubernetes. Together, they founded our company to empower developers to identify costs and optimize their resources.

We’re a small, passionate group of builders and doers, laser-focused on building incredible products and delighting our customers. Our team is close-knit even though we’re fully remote, and we view our company as a product, too—iterating, learning, and improving as we grow.

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