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Monitor & reduce Kubernetes spend

Kubecost provides real-time cost visibility and insights for teams using Kubernetes, helping you continuously reduce your cloud costs.

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Product Features

  • Diagram showing cost allocation examples.

    Cost Allocation

    Breakdown costs by any Kubernetes concepts, including deployment, service, namespace label, and more. View costs across multiple clusters in a single view or via a single API endpoint.

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  • Diagram showing unified cost examples.

    Unified Cost Monitoring

    Join Kubernetes costs with any external cloud services or infrastructure spend to have a complete picture. External costs can be shared and then attributed to any Kubernetes concept for a comprehensive view of spend.

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  • Diagram showing optimization examples.

    Optimization Insights

    Receive dynamic recommendations for reducing spend without sacrificing performance. Prioritize key infrastructure or application changes for improving resource efficiency and reliability.

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  • Diagram showing alert examples.

    Alerts & Governance

    Quickly catch cost overruns and infrastructure outage risks before they become a problem with real-time notifications. Preserve engineering workflows by integrating with tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Runs on any of these Kubernetes environments
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • AWS.
  • Google Cloud.
  • Air Gapped.
  • Kubernetes.
  • On-premises.

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